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Step by Step Tips for Designing Your Dream Wardrobe

To begin creating your myDIY Wardrobe we’ve created an easy step by step guide for you to follow in order to begin creating your dream wardrobe. As Adelaide’s most affordable custom made DIY sliding wardrobes we’re here to help create, build, and deliver your new wardrobe all within 10 days. Let’s get started!

Benefits of myDIY Wardrobes

There are many benefits to be found within a myDIY Wardrobe, we’ve outlined 4 key advantages that can be found throughout the simple and smooth process.

What Makes myDIY Unique?

A myDIY Wardrobe is unlike any other hence why we have some key attributes which make us unique to any other DIY business.

Proudly manufactured
in South Australia
Metro delivery
or free pick-up
Quick 10-day
Backed by Packers
50+ years of experience
South Australia

Owned & Manufactured