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Pick-up Schedule

Please see our current pick-up schedule. Once orders have been placed, customers are provided access to our self-booking schedule. Bookings are available between the following times and are based on availability. Ad-hoc pick-up can potentially be arranged but is not guaranteed.


How's it packed?

Watching this video gives you a better understanding of the included components and how you will be receiving them when you collect them from our factory.

To reduce our environmental impact all pieces will not be wrapped or boxed. Please ensure your van is long enough to ensure the safe transport of your doors and note that all drawers come pre-assembled which can take up a fair bit of space. 

For more information on individual components please see below.

Sliding Doors

You'll notice the Design/Job number (ie. D123456) written on the back of each door, this is extremely helpful when you've ordered multiple wardrobes with similar size doors. The Design Number will correlate to the wardrobe's specific job sheet/paperwork found inside the fixings bag.

We highly recommend all doors are transported on their side and upright, NOT flat. This is especially important when you're transporting glass doors.


The internal components for your robe will be waiting freely in your job bay. All components will have stickers that name the piece (ie LH Drawer Upright) and reference the wardrobe's Design Number.

  • End Panel
  • Top Shelf
  • Uprights (Drawer / Shelving)
  • Fixed/Adjustable Shelves
  • Hanging Rails


All drawers come pre-assembled to save installation time. Please keep in mind, that when transporting drawers they quickly fill up the back of your van! Expecially when you have a few drawer units.

Tracks and Floor Plate

The track kit has all required components wrapped for easy transportation.

  • Bottom Track
  • Top Track
  • Floor Plate
  • U-Channel
  • Scribes (Only if required)
  • Head Plate (Only if a pelmet is being supplied)


We supply all screws to assemble the configuration you've purchased. 

We won't supply fixings for your premise. Ie. Fixing an L-bracket for an upright required two screws, one into the end panel and one into the back wall. We'll only provide the correct screw for the end panel. This is because we can't be sure if your back wall is brick or gyprock.

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