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Walk-in Robe Shelving Specifications

We supply custom wardrobe shelving walk-in robes and sliding wardrobes! Using the myDIY Wardrobe Builder, you may select different design options to finalise your desired layout that best suits your storage needs and budget.

Our shelving configurations include shelving units, drawer units, long-hang, double-hang and shoe shelves. By default, our top shelf is always 2000mm, and the depth is 442mm. 

Default internal depth: 

Sliding Robes: 442mm
WIR: 580mm
Currently by default our Wardrobe Builder will only price and supply 442mm internals. To increase your internal depth to 580mm, please get a custom quote from Packers. (until our WIR builder is complete.)

Our internals are available in white melamine, with a choice of black or chrome hardware.

What Size Drawers Will I Receive?

We have 3x standard width drawers:

  • 458mm (w)
  • 608mm (w)
  • 833mm (w)

We'll use the width and your selected internal configuration to determine the widest drawer feasible for your requirements. A big robe doesn't necessarily mean big drawers, there are lots of considerations, mainly ensuring your doors don't obstruct their functionality.

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